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Why Tjhoko Paint?

1.The quality is excellent!

2.It is easy to use – no sanding and no priming (undercoat) needed.

Just clean the surface being painted thoroughly with some Lacquer Thinners, allow to dry for 20 minutes and then paint. The packaging is beautiful and user-friendly. It is easy to open.

3. It’s already a sealed product that leaves no chalky residue.

4. Once painted and sealed with the Glaze, you can repaint again without any preparations required.

5. It grips to the following surfaces: wood, cement, tiles, glass, aluminum, varnished surfaces (provided that the item was varnished 6 months prior to painting), fabric, leather, walls, melamine, metal etc.

6. It saves time and money. Instead of buying something new, you create something yourself.

7. Work with a clear dry brush, seal lid well after each use and enjoy the experience.

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Thjoko paints

Real Red

Sizes 1 Litre, 250 ml, 28ml, 500 ml


Sizes 1 Litre, 250 ml, 28ml, 500 ml

Vinia Stone

Sizes 1 Litre, 250 ml, 28ml, 500 ml

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